Alcohol Rehab

If you or your loved one are struggling with alcoholism, recovery may seem like a difficult goal to achieve. But, when taken step by step, the process of addiction recovery is usually quite manageable. Alcoholism must be approached one day at a time, and you can understand what is ahead by learning about the stages of the addiction treatment process.

Overcoming Alcoholism May be Difficult,
But Never Impossible

Change can be very difficult, but it is such an integral part of overcoming alcohol addiction. You may be asking is alcohol a stimulant? The short answer is yes, it is a dangerous stimulant. In order to combat addiction, one must strive to replace the previous addictive patterns with new habits that promote a sober lifestyle. Many adjustments may often include:

  • The way you deal with stressful situations.
  • The social relationships you maintain.
  • Time management.
  • Self-image and self-esteem.

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Alcohol Treatment In San Diego

When the commitment to changing one’s addictive behaviors, the second phase of the recovery process is to examine addiction treatment options. For individuals in the San Diego area, there is a large variety of centers to choose from. However, it is best to find a center that tailors a treatment around your specific needs. At Real Hope Recovery, we ensure that whatever needs you have will be addressed. With our dual diagnosis method, we strive to treat any underlying problems in addition to you rehab needs. Many of these elements often include issues with your friends and family, mental health disorders, and professional life.


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Finding Support Groups In San Diego

After the treatment process is complete, the third step on the road to recovery is to find support groups. No matter what treatment program you choose, you will need social support along the way. Telling family and friends about your decision to pursue recovery is a vital aspect of bring people alongside you to grow in recovery.

It is essential to develop a network of people who are sober. By engaging with a network of sober individuals, you will find the additional support you need throughout your recovery. Your sober friends will help you discover new social activities, and they will be familiar with everything you are going through.

Learning New Habits

Once you have finished drug abuse rehabilitation, you need to develop new habits for dealing with stress.  This is the fourth step of the recovery process. You also need to have new activities and hobbies to prevent boredom and prevent relapses.

Avoiding Alcohol Cravings and Controlling Triggers

Need addiction help?

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After treatment is complete, and solid network of social support is established, the next layer of recovery lies in relapse prevention. Abstinence itself is merely an immediate state of being, but it is not the source of lasting recovery.

The idea of leaving a treatment program and live without cravings or potential relapse triggers is not an uncommon belief; but unfortunately is not realistic for most people. However, when you know the symptoms of an impending relapse and stay dedicated to sobriety, you should be able to keep yourself from returning to undesirable habits. You can make an effort to avoid triggering cravings by staying away from the people, places, and events that you associate with alcohol use.

Living your life Without Alcohol

Reconstructing your life takes time. This is the final step of recovery, and one of the most fulfilling. Engaging in enjoyable activities is important. After you have finished alcohol addiction rehab, you will enter into your new life. You must set your life goals and look after your healthy lifestyle. From there, you notice improvements in your daily life, better personal relationships, and a more full sense of happiness. You don’t need to live under the rule of addiction anymore, call us to get started.

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