Depressant Rehab

Depressants are often referred to as downers due to the reduction in stimulation in various areas of the brain, resulting in a relaxed feeling. They are used throughout the world as both prescription drugs and illicit substances. When used under medical supervision, it can be used to relieve anxiety and prevent seizures when used appropriately. Barbiturates, benzodiazepines and sedative hypnotics are common example of depressants that are used in prescriptions.

According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of depressant in the United States has increased approximately 400 percent in the last two decades, making it the most frequently abused type of drug by Americans between the ages of 18 to 45.

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Treatment for depressant addiction can be especially challenging as there are many struggles to overcome. In some cases, the process can be extremely dangerous if not properly monitored. But Real Hope Recovery specializes in identifying and helping you recover from a depressant drug addiction here in San Diego. The attending specialists will need a diagnostic assessment as to drug usage in order to better help you to recognize any issues and set achievable recovery goals for your treatment.


Withdrawals from Depressants

Medically Assisted Withdrawal is the initial step in any depressant treatment program. It is a process of removing substances from the body. When dealing with depressant, withdrawals must be medically supervised. Real Hope Recovery is equipped to carry out the procedure safely, since they can provide patients with round-the-clock supervision and medications to help expedite the process and reduces the discomfort cause by withdrawal symptoms.

This procedure helps addicted individuals overcome the physical dependence aspect of drug addiction by allowing the body’s system to be cleansed of the abused substances. This is often painful and potentially life threatening due to the symptoms that may occur, especially with CNS depressants. Medically supervised withdrawal can make the process more bearable and safe. clients will be given doses of non-addictive supplements that help the body adjust to functioning without drugs and to ease the pain and discomfort. After withdrawal is complete, the client will enter a drug rehab program that helps to reduce cravings and teaches new skills needed for a sober life.

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Treatment Options for Depressants

The rehabilitation process commonly involves individual or group counseling sessions that will help one to understand the root cause of your addiction, and identify the triggers that lead to relapse. In this program, you will learn to overcome the reasons behind the intial addiction, address the problems in a healthy and clean way to ensure a long-term recovery. The final step is an aftercare support program that helps you make a smooth transition back into life after treatment.

Aftercare for Prescription Depressant Therapy

In addition to treatment, Real Hope Recovery offer some sort of aftercare support that will aid recovering depressants addicts adapt to life outside of the addiction treatment facility. With a good support group, therapist, or counselor, you can overcome any future relapses and maintain your recovery. Some clients can also opt to live in a sober living arrangement with other recovering individuals to help facilitate a sense of community and responsibility for life after depressant addiction.

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