Drug Rehab

Illicit drug abuse has reached 21 million Americans, according to the 2012 National Study on Drug Use.  However, fewer than 2.5 million people actually receive proper treatment through a drug recovery program each year. Addiction to drugs is a disease that should be taken seriously; getting appropriate treatment can help reduce the risk to life, relationships, health, and financial problems linked with illicit drug abuse.

Types of Drug recovery programs

Residential programs for Illicit Drug Rehab

These programs include living at a addiction rehab facility and attending individual or group counseling and other activities.

Extended or long-term programs typically last for 90 days, while short programs last for 30 days.

Outpatient rehab programs

Outpatient treatment provide numerous and flexible options, often treating patients for several hours a day over the course of a set number of weeks.

Therapy sessions or support groups

These treatment methods can occur daily, weekly, or at other intervals. This kind of recovery program is often provided by accredited services, churches, and community centers and volunteer organizations.

Individual therapy

This is the known as the most effective treatment method for most clients and is frequently part of aftercare support following a stay in a residential rehab program.

Medical intervention

Many successful treatments have been preceded by a successful intervention. They may often be needed for some addiction cases, particularly during the early days before recovery is a considered option.

Sober Living Arrangements in San Diego

These arrangements usually follow intensive treatment residential treatment. Most clients will live with other recovering individuals in supervised and supportive drug-free surroundings. Sober living services and facilities are useful if you’re worried that going back home too soon will prompt a relapse.

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Finding Drug Withdrawal
Centers in San Diego

Most drug addictions need a medically assisted withdrawal program before the start of the treatment itself. This method of withdrawal eliminates all traces of drugs from the body. In some instances, prescriptions may be used to stabilize the withdrawal symptoms connected with specific drugs, such as opiates, stimulants, and depressants.

One of the benefits of a withdrawal program is that the treatment plan can be personalized to suit your particular needs. Each procedure will be based on the types and amounts of drugs currently being used.


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What are the Benefits of Drug Therapy?

There are different therapies in drug rehab that help recovering clients learn about the disease of addiction. One of the most famous therapies is the personal counseling. It has shown to be effective in addresses the emotional difficulties that become intensified by addiction. Another method is known as holistic therapy, which is often very effective in improving addiction recovery; using other techniques such as meditation, yoga, equine therapy, acupuncture and so forth.

Drug Addiction Aftercare Programs in San Diego

The recovery process for addiction does not end when an individual completes the drug recovery program. Ongoing guidance and support upon completion of drug treatment is one of the most important key to a healthy recovery. In order to continue long-term sobriety, aftercare programs are made available by our facility. These programs help the recovering addict to avoid relapsing, and engaging in a holistic recovery process.

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