Impact of Drug Use on Your Life

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Drug has negative impact to anyone. It can affect their relationships, their mental and physical health, and their life in general. Drug use is a choice but it is important to understand the effects of drug use both immediate and long-term to the brain, body, and life.

Impact of Drug Use on Your Life

Immediate and Long-term effects of drug use

Drugs can have immediate and long-lasting effects on physical health and well-being such as:

  • Physical Injuries – Drug-related injuries can be from things like falling and car accidents
  • Violence – Some drugs can increase the likelihood of violent behavior. Drug induced violence can lead to serious injury to you or others.
  • Internal Damage – If you use some of drugs it may damage your internal organs, like your liver, brain, lungs, throat, and stomach.
  • Pregnancy and STDs – Unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy or the spread of STDs like HIV.
  • Risk of other infection – Sharing needles from injecting certain types of drug can get you diseases such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, as well as HIV.

Drug use can also alter your mood-when you’re high, and even when you’re not. Drug use can trigger:

  • Mental Illness – Having an illness increases a person’s chance to abuse drugs.
  • Stress – Long-term drug use can have a big impact on your brain’s work, which may lead to anxiety and stress.
  • Depression – You might feel depressed because of the drug itself, or because of something that happened while using.

Drug use can have an immediate impact on your body and mind but it can also affect the future of individuals and their relationship with others. Here are some important things to include:

  • Relationship
  • Homelessness
  • School work
  • Job
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