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Marijuana is the most widely available and abused illicit drug today. Though it does not form a physical dependence there are many people who find they have form a psychological dependency or reliance on the drug. Treatment for marijuana addiction is frequently not taken seriously since many individuals fail to understand the addictive potential of marijuana. Because of this false belief that marijuana does not create addicts, many users to fail to identify the symptoms of marijuana abused until they are trapped in the terrible world of addiction.

Principles of Marijuana Treatment

When deciding on a treatment facility, it’s essential to know what treatment options that is available so you can receive a specialized rehabilitation program that helps with marijuana addiction. There are also several other factors that indicate a good treatment program. These factors include:

  • The program must be personalized to meet the needs of each specific addict.
  • Therapies should focus on the emotional, mental and physical aspects of the addiction.
  • The patient must be monitored regularly so medical experts can identify medical complications and handle them as soon as possible.
  • Therapies must be comfortable and easy for the addict to access.
  • Remaining and completing the program is vital. Short-term stay in a drug addiction rehab center could lead to relapse.

Addiction is intricate but it is treatable. Call 877-447-4752 to start recovering from addiction to marijuana today.

Rehab Options for Marijuana Addictions

    • Detoxification

Detox helps to clean out your body’s system to get rid of remaining drugs and toxins. It helps you cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms in order to prepare you for a longer-term program like residential treatment.

    • Residential Treatment

The patients leave their home and live in a safe and supervised marijuana rehab center to undergo treatment programs that can last for 30, 60 or 90 days. The patients receive drug education, group and individual counseling, family counseling, and community based programs. Residential treatment center also offers the opportunity to form a support network with recovering addicts and to learn to make healthy lifestyle decisions such as nutrition and exercise.

    • Outpatient Treatment

The patients do not live inside the facility for treatment, but instead visit the facility daily for classes, group meetings and counseling. Intensive outpatient treatment is often effective for patient who have a strong support family system at home.

    • Community-Based Self-Help Groups

There are support group available like Marijuana Anonymous that recovering addicts can join, along with other 12-step based programs. This will help the recovering addict to achieve long-term sobriety. These groups provide support and strategies on how to deal with cravings and relapse.

Relapse Prevention

When you finish marijuana addiction rehab and go home, often you will go back with the same environment and places that have the same temptations. Marijuana aftercare and support strengthens and encourages your sobriety. Access to aftercare and support groups creates healthy grounds for your new life.

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