Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drugs are pharmaceutical-grade substances that require prescriptions from certified physicians. Unfortunately, prescription pill addiction is extremely prevalent in the US, and rates of addiction in San Diego are only escalating. Many people who suffer from serious injuries are at risk of developing an addiction to pain pills. Adolescents may also recreationally abuse prescription pills. Rates of teenage prescription drug abuse has also been surging within the California area. Commonly abused prescriptions usually consist of opioid pain relievers, amphetamines (such as Adderall and Ritalin), anti-anxiety medications and sedatives.

What is Prescription Drug Addiction

Some people believe that abusing pills is not as harmful as other narcotics like crystal methamphetamine or heroin because medical doctors prescribe them. However, this is a fallacy. Prescription medications, when used within their recommended doses are safer than other illegal substances. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Recreational use of prescription meds entails that the substances are administered in much higher quantities than their prescribed limits. Besides overdosing, these drug users and their love ones could face many other obstacles. As family and friends look to recovery as the answer to addiction to prescribed medications, it is important to find a rehabilitation facility that specializes in prescription pill addiction. With Real Hope Recovery, we have specialized clinicians ready to help with prescription drug addiction. Give us a call when you are ready to start.

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What is Prescription Rehabilitation Center

Our Prescription drug addiction treatment center designs programs and various recovery strategies to help those battling addiction. Their goal is to stop the habits leading to the misuse of these substances. Treatment therapists also try to uncover the real reasons for abusing prescription medications. Our drug rehabilitation facility offers intensive inpatient care for all levels of substance abuse. Our comprehensive outpatient treatment also have shown significant success in getting prescription abusers clean again. Real Hope Recovery’s programs usually include mentoring or education about the disease of addiction. Afterwards coping skills are practiced and reinforced so people can address and navigate specific drug triggers. Therapy helps deal with the psychological dependency of prescription pills. Stress management, relapse prevention, and life coaching are the pillars for successful post-rehab living.

How Prescription Drug Treatment Works

Before Rehab Admission

The first stage of change usually occurs during the course of a successful intervention. This is where the addicted individual may admit that he or she has a drug problem. Our rehab based in San Diego offers patients the help they need with medically-assisted withdrawal to safely manage the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. We take pride in being versatile in treating every variety of psychoactive substances.

Comprehensive Intake Assessment

Patients will individually have thorough, in-depth psychological and physical evaluations. When screening patients, the rehab experts will conclude the initial level of treatment required. Identifying the client’s major problems and minor issues will clear determine his or her needs.

Medically Assisted Withdrawal

Withdrawal specialists observe and supervise the whole process. Dealing with physical withdrawal symptoms initially will minimize the patient’s risk of relapsing while in rehab. The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms largely depends on the drugs the user used: pairing alcohol with many of these drugs is a dangerous mix. Medically-assisted withdrawal can last between days to weeks, depending on the client’s prior circumstances preceding the process; such as duration of their drug use. The severity of their drug addiction, physical health, and other psychological factors also affect detox.

Rehabilitation or Therapy

In addition to conventional therapeutic techniques, alternative forms of therapy have also been well received. By giving patients a creative vehicle to express their thoughts, there is a notable promotion healing and drug addiction recovery. During drug rehab treatment, clients can learn an art form that resonates with them, and can continue it after rehab. Many forms of therapy include:

  • Motivational therapy or counseling (individually or in groups)
  • Music, dancing, and art therapies
  • Equine and outdoor psychotherapy
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Sports and Exercise therapies such as basketball, football, rugby, and tennis
  • Teambuilding and onsite gardening classes

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Relapse Prevention Program

With continuous psychological counseling, whether individual or group meetings, these unwavering scheduled therapy sessions will be a solid foundation. Paired with aftercare programs, clients will have an extra level of drug trigger prevention needed to help ensure recovery. Many relapse prevention strategies teach recovering patients how to recognize their individual drug triggers. Different stressors drive people towards drug use. Anything can be a drug trigger for an addict. Environmental, social, and psychological phenomena are usual triggers. Support groups, mentors, and extended counseling sessions can aid recovered individuals in overcoming high-risk drug-triggered situations.

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