Finding Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in San Diego


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Finding Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in San Diego

Living with addiction is a terrible circumstance. When left to progress, it will systematically tear away every other fulfilling factor in your life. Whether it is your health, your finances, or your relationships with your loved ones, drug and alcohol addiction will ruin every aspect of your life until something changes.

Addiction has an insidious way of rewiring the neuro-circuitry in the brain, reinforcing patterns of continued use. By altering the chemical balance in the brain’s Limbic System, the subconscious mind begins to view drugs or alcohol as more and more as a priority. For later stages of addiction, one’s substance of choice may take higher priority than even food or water. Oftentimes, many addicted individuals do not see the damages caused by addiction.

Countless people suffer from the consequences of addiction in the San Diego area. Every day, people are at an increased risk of developing an addiction by abusing alcohol, prescription drugs or illicit narcotics. Addiction can begin under a variety of circumstances, but it ultimately leads to the same result; a life of dissatisfaction and misery.

However, there is hope for people needing recovery in San Diego. Real Hope Recovery is fully committed to helping people be free from the grip of addiction. We specialize in addressing and treating each stage of addiction, meeting our clients’ immediate needs. Whether it be assistance with intervention, Medically Assisted Withdrawal services, Counseling and Therapy or Aftercare Support, we are prepared to help with whatever treatment needs you or your loved one have.

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Our Services

For all of us at Real Hope Recovery, we employ a variety of services to provide holistic care for all of our clients in the San Diego area. To service individuals who have yet to see the consequences of their own addictive behaviors, we offer interventionist services to assist loved ones in directly confronting the problem. For clients who are ready to begin their journey in recovery, we offer full medically-assisted withdrawal services to provide safety and comfort during one of the most difficult steps in recovery. In addition to our evidence-based treatment protocols, we also provide aggressive aftercare measures long after the treatment process is completed.

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With whatever needs you have, Real Hope Recovery is ready to meet them.

Call us at (619) 493-2945 and we can you examine your options for an effective recovery from addiction.

The Look of Treatment at Real Hope Recovery

Treatment is conducted at our outpatient office. Click Here or call (877) 447-4752 to request a tour.

Real Hope Recovery partners with local structured sober livings. See pictures below.

Our Location

Our facility based in San Diego provides a safe and serene sanctuary for those rebuild their lives in recovery. Whether you live in the San Diego area, of town in California, or even out of state, we are ready and willing to make any accommodation for you and your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to visit us and find the hope you need.

About Real Hope Recovery

Real Hope Recovery does its utmost to bring you the highest quality care San Diego rehabs have to offer. Our licensed and certified staff have been trained with the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques to provide the most comprehensive and flexible treatment plan you can find in California.

Our professionals will work with you in rebuilding your life; one that is not under the sway of drugs or alcohol. Recovery is not a single process that cures addiction, but rather it is a continuous transformation that provides a sense of fulfillment with each day. There is no need for you or anyone in the San Diego area to live under the torment of substance abuse. Please feel free to reach out to us, and we can help you find the hope you are looking for.

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