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Addiction is a real problem that affects the lives of many people. Unfortunately, not only is there a stigma associated with people who suffer from it, but there are several myths about what addiction is. In order to find recovery, it is important to understand the truth behind addiction. Only with proper information, can this issue be treated effectively.

Myths About Addiction

Myths about addiction are not uncommon.  Most myths are spread because people don’t really understand addiction.  People don’t consciously lie about it. The truth is that they are simply ignorant of how it works.

This has an unfortunate effect on people who suffer from addiction. No one can deal with something that is not understood. Because of this, it is very important that people who suffer from addiction and their families understand what the issue actually is and what needs to be done to make the situation better.

By believing common myths such as that addiction can be cured, people often end up harming their loved ones instead of helping them. A real solution can only be found with proper care and knowledge about the issues.

There are many substances that people can be addicted to. They all work in different ways and affect the brain differently. Believing the myths that you hear from other people instead of looking for a trustworthy source only perpetuates the myths.

Addiction Isn’t a Choice

The most harmful myth about addiction is that it is a choice to continue to use the drug. It is not. Addiction is a disease. There is, however, a long story of how people came to believe this popular myth.

People thought those who used drugs were weak or not Christian, so they were punished.

It was a bad decision because what the people really needed was help, they were not in full control of their actions. Most of the myths around addiction as a choice came up during this time. This is known today as the “moral model” of understanding the issue.

During the 20th century, some progress was made in the psychology and medical fields. It was around a hundred years ago that what is known as the “disease model of addiction” was created and disseminated.

This new view did not understand addiction as a character flaw anymore. Science helped people to understand that some drugs rewrite how the brain deals with important chemicals such as dopamine.

By completely changing how the brain deals with rewards and associating them with the substance, the addiction basically takes over the brain. It is not something that you can simply get rid of. It is a big health issue that needs treatment. People may make a choice to use a drug recreationally at first, but it comes a time in which they lose this control. This is when addiction happens.

Other Common Myths About Addiction

There is more than one harmful myth surrounding addiction. One of them is that people can “cure” it. This is not true. Once someone becomes addicted to a substance, the potential for relapse is big. The brain will always remember how good it was to use the drug. The person’s brain is wired to depend on this substance once. Using it a single time again can be the first step to relapse.

Another harmful myth is that treatment is a one-shot deal. Related to the prior myth, this one is spread by people who believe that the problem is over as soon as the withdrawal effects are gone.

There is also a myth that all it takes to recover is a strong will. There are factors which are much more important than that. Having support from family and loved ones, stability and proper medical support is far more important than having a “strong will”.

Most people get addicted while they are facing hard times during their lives. The substance is often used as a way to feel better during these times. Because of this, having continuous psychological support is very important.

Psychological support can be either individual or in group supports. By learning more about yourself or by sharing your pain with other people, you will develop defenses against the craving for more of the substance.

Starting Treatment With Real Hope Recovery

Any person can get addicted. Some people will have a larger biological predisposition than others, but they are all equally victims of a disease. When you are ill, you go to the doctor to seek treatment, right? It is the same with addiction.

People are often too ashamed to look for help or unaware that the problem really exists. The only way to start the recovery is by recognizing the issue and doing something about it.

Specialized help is vital in order to regain your strength. Stopping the use of the substance that causes the addiction can easily trigger withdrawal symptoms and make you use it again. Only with assistance, which includes the physical structures for rehab, the doctors and the medicine, someone can have the strength.

A professional group can treat you and help you to understand that treating addiction is an ongoing process and that your victories are not small.

Real Hope Recovery is an organization that is specialized in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. It has all the facilities and professionals to help you through this difficult phase. Addiction can be hard, but it doesn’t need to be untreated. Everybody should be given the chance to start a better life.

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