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Many people suffer from the effects of addiction every year. Addiction does not discriminate by age, gender, ethnicity, or geographical location. Unfortunately, the people of San Diego are not immune to the reach of addiction. Many people often wait while addiction destroys their finances, health and personal relationships too long to seek help.

In reality, it is never too soon to seek help. In fact, the longer you put off treatment, the more difficult it is to overcome addiction. If you are worried about a family member or a close friend who is abusing drugs or alcohol, it is best not to wait until the problem becomes worse.  Reach out before it’s too late, we are ready to help you the rehab .

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Symptoms

While different addictions have a variety of side effects, there are general indications of drug and alcohol abuse. If a person is abusing substances, they may display some or all of these symptoms:

  • Ignoring tasks and responsibilities in home, school or work.
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Engaging in risky behavior while high, such as using dirty needles or having unsafe sex.
  • Stealing to fund drug use.
  • Problems in relationships with family, friends and co-workers caused by drug use.

If someone you now is
Abusing alcohol and drugs

If someone you know is abusing alcohol and drugs, it is time to consider an intervention to encourage to enter treatment before the addiction progresses further. The following signs and symptoms may be indicators as to whether or not your loved ones are already experiencing more severe signs of addiction.

  • Increased tolerance, so that more of the drug must be taken to achieve the same effect.
  • Using the drug to prevent physical withdrawal symptoms.
  • Uncontrolled drug use even when there is a desire to stop.
  • Continuing to use drugs even with the knowledge of how much damage it is causing.

How to help a friend or Family member

If you observe any of the above listed signs and symptoms in your loved one’s behavior, it is a good indication that they suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If the symptoms are unclear, try looking for physical symptoms, which can be easier to see.

When individuals are addicted to alcohol and drugs, they may show red or bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, eating problems, changes in sleeping pattern, and unexplained changes in their weight. They may also tend to lose interest in taking care of proper grooming and personal hygiene. They may also show slurred speech, shaking, and lack of coordination.

Testimonials Real hope recovery

  • Alcohol Recovery Services was simple, easy to navigate website, and it was easy for me to discover a right treatment environment for my sibling who is an addict.
    Katelyn Olathe, KS
  • When I found out about Alcohol Recovery Services, it made my life easier to find a recovery center with a good facilities. I was able to search what kind of insurance that are accepted within that treatment center that I chose for my husband's recovery.
    Leslie Cincinnati, OH
  • It was so disappointing looking around the web to find a treatment recovery that could help my mom, then one of my friends recommended Alcohol Recovery Services. It was amazing that there is a huge number of recovery centers that we can ask for help.
    Luis Minneapolis, MN
  • It was great to see that there is a website that helps addicts and their loved one's to find a treatment center in an easy and simple way.
    Nicole Newark, NJ
  • I am sober for 2 years and one of the reasons why, is because of Alcohol Recovery Services, The website helped me locate a treatment center far from my home, which really helped me a lot in recovery.
    Anthony Glendale, AZ

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There is no need for anyone to live subject to drug and alcohol addiction. And even though addiction may often be a difficult circumstance to overcome, our team at Real Hope Recovery is ready to provide you with the best drug and alcohol rehab San Diego has to offer. Addiction may be difficult to address at times, but we are ready to help you make the next steps. For any of your recovery needs, please give us a call at  (877) 447-4752.

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